Born Straight

QUESTION: Weren’t you born a heterosexual?


No, I was born a male. What I decide to do sexually is a choice. Actually, when we use terms like “gay” or “straight,” we make it seem like people are in one class or the other. But such language is misleading.

Nobody was born a heterosexual or homosexual—we were born males or females. For convenience, we use those terms when it would be more accurate to say “people who engage in heterosexual acts” or “people who engage in homosexual acts.” In other words, we are males and females by biology, and heterosexuals or homosexuals by behavior.65

Now if you were to ask me, “Were you born with heterosexual desires?” I would say, “I don’t know, but how could anyone know that?” How would you know for sure if your feelings are the result of nature or nurture or some combination? It’s certainly possible that there’s some kind of genetic component to heterosexual sexual desires. Since we are clearly designed to propagate, and since the vast majority of people have heterosexual desires, they would seem to be part of our normal design.66

However, we all know that in this imperfect world, a small percentage of people are born with conditions or characteristics that we would not consider natural or normal. Genes sometimes have defects.

For example, some people are born deaf, blind, or with psychological and mental limitations or deficiencies. There is even evidence that some desires or personality traits—including anger, which can lead to the harmful behavior of violence—may have a genetic source. Other people may not be born with such traits or conditions but develop them during childhood.

Now here’s the key point: Whether such traits or conditions are the result of nature or nurture makes little difference—we all regard them as deficiencies. What we never do is pretend that such deficiencies are normal or encourage the harmful behavior that may flow from them. For example, we never say that a defect in a man’s sexual preference that predisposes him to pedophilia is normal, nor do we encourage him to follow those desires because of that defect.

Yet that’s exactly what homosexual activists want us to do by endorsing same-sex marriage. They want us to pretend that homosexual desires and behaviors are normal. Again, they don’t want us just to tolerate homosexual behavior—they want us to endorse it. It’s bad enough to pretend that abnormal conditions are really normal and that harmful behaviors are not really harmful, but it’s simply unconscionable to endorse harmful outcomes.

Why do they want endorsement? Again, because endorsement brings validation. They know the best way to achieve the complete validation of homosexuality throughout society is to have the government endorse same-sex marriage.

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65 Hermaphrodites (those born with male and female sex organs) are extremely rare among humans. The condition is considered a birth defect, and thus does not affect our line of reasoning here. Defects in design do not suggest how those without defects should behave. Moreover, hermaphrodites often choose one gender or the other, and some have surgery in doing so.

66 Design explains human beings better than random evolutionary processes. Moreover, since homosexuals don’t reproduce, “natural selection” would have selected them to extinction by now if homosexuality had a genetic source. For the numerous problems with Darwinism and the evidence for design, see chapters 5 and 6 of my book, I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, co-authored with Norman Geisler, (Wheaton, Crossway, 2004).

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