Gay Marriage Arguments

Gay Marriage Arguments - Truthful Slogans?
Homosexual activists have done a great job advancing their cause with slick moralistic slogans about equal rights, discrimination, and so forth. As we will see, few, if any, of the pro-gay marriage slogans tell the truth. They sound good to a passive audience, but upon closer analysis, they are exposed as half-truths and deceptive distortions.

The activists have been able to get away with that because our fast-paced lives and sound-bite media provide the perfect environment for propaganda to replace truth. It only takes ten seconds to utter a lie, but it can often take ten minutes to provide enough evidence to explode that lie. The problem for the truth is that there is no such thing as a ten-minute sound bite (that’s why this is a book, not a slogan).

Gay Marriage Arguments - False Premises
The questions below help expose the false premises behind arguments for gay marriage. Take a minute to marinate on each of these questions and consider how you would respond. If you are honest, I think that your common sense responses will help expose the fallacies hidden in most pro-gay marriage arguments:

  1. Are all kinds of sexual contact the same? Is sexual contact ever unhealthy and/or unloving?
  2. Are people ever born with conditions that are not normal and sometimes harmful?
  3. Should the government promote harmful behavior?
  4. Is there any difference between sexual desires (orientation) and sexual behavior?
  5. Should people act on every desire they have?
  6. Must the government recognize every desire people have as a right?
  7. Is there a difference between skin color and sexual behavior?
  8. Are children usually better off with a mom and a dad, or is parenting irrelevant to their development?
  9. What’s more beneficial to a society—endorsing homosexuality or endorsing good parenting?
  10. Should the government endorse behavior that is usually harmful but in rare exceptions is not?
  11. Is there a difference between religion and morality?
  12. If marriage has been weakened by liberalized divorce laws, does it make sense to weaken it further by liberalized marriage laws?
  13. What would be the effect on society if everyone lived faithfully in natural marriage?
  14. What would be the effect on society if everyone lived faithfully in same-sex marriage?
Now that you have considered these questions, let’s look at each pro-gay marriage argument specifically. We’ll see how these questions apply as we proceed.

Gay Marriage Arguments - Consider these Statements

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