Homosexuality Tolerance

QUESTION: We need to be tolerant.


Tolerance is not really the issue with our debate about homosexuality. Homosexual behavior is already legal in the United States. Again, the issue in this debate is whether we should we go beyond tolerance to endorsement. It’s one thing to permit homosexuality; it’s quite another to promote it by endorsing same-sex marriage. It is interesting to note, however, that when homosexual activists ask for tolerance, they are implicitly admitting that there’s something wrong with their behavior. After all, you don’t need to ask people to “tolerate” good behavior. Mother Teresa never had to ask for tolerance.

Tolerance is a virtue if you’re talking about listening to other points of view, but it’s a vice if you’re talking about letting destructive behavior overrun your society. All civilized societies are intolerant of harmful behaviors such as murder, rape, and theft for example.

The truth is we are called to go beyond tolerance to love. Tolerance is too weak. Tolerance says, “Hold your nose and put up with them.”

Love says, “Reach out and help them.” Love does not allow us to be indifferent to acts that destroy other people, and it certainly doesn’t allow us to endorse such acts.

On a personal level, love demands that we reach out to the people involved in homosexuality. That includes accepting them as people but firmly standing against their destructive behavior. Tolerance of harmful behavior is unloving.

On a political level, love requires that we steadfastly oppose any legislation that would harm our society, including our children, our health, and our prosperity. As we have seen, government-backed same-sex marriage or civil unions would do just that by trivializing civilization’s most basic institution—marriage itself. When tolerance morphs into endorsement in the form of same-sex marriage, the most loving thing to do is to oppose it.

Unfortunately, the tide of political correctness has risen so much that it is now conservatives who need to be requesting tolerance (and most of us are not doing anything wrong!). Homosexual activists have a double standard. They want us to endorse their ideas, but they will not tolerate even hearing ours. In fact, they don’t even tolerate democracy or free speech when the results are not in their favor. That’s why they’re trying to impose their radical ideas on the people by circumventing the democratic process and going directly to the courts (they even went to court to block the people from voting on same-sex marriage in California). That’s why they’re also trying to silence any opposing view by seeking legislation that could make it a crime to speak out against homosexuality. They have succeeded in Canada and Sweden, and now they’re pushing that same “non-discrimination” and “hate-crime” legislation here in America.

So according to homosexual activists, only people who oppose them have to be tolerant—they somehow have a moral right to impose their views on everyone else without anyone’s consent. And if you disagree, you might be cited for a “hate-crime.” For homosexual activists, tolerance is a one-way street.

Compliments of Correct, not Politically Correct, authored by Frank Turek. For more information, visit www.impactapologetics.com.

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