Same Sex Marriage Debate

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Same Sex Marriage Debate - The Reasons Behind the Reactions
One prominent ex-homosexual admits to suppressing conscience and silencing all opposing views. Michael Glatze, the former editor of Young Gay America (the first gay magazine targeted at youth), gave up homosexuality after reflecting on his life and converting to Mormonism at age thirty. He writes, “God is regarded as an enemy by many in the grip of homosexuality or other lustful behavior, because He reminds them of who and what they truly are meant to be. People caught in the act would rather stay ‘blissfully ignorant’ by silencing truth and those who speak it, through antagonism, condemnation, and calling them words like ‘racist,’ ‘insensitive,’ ‘evil,’ and ‘discriminatory.’”79

But it’s more than just silencing conscience and opponents. It’s also the outright denial of anything and everything that might diminish their justification of homosexuality. For example, I’m sure you’ve heard homosexual activists say that they would never choose to be homosexual if they had a choice. It’s too painful and difficult a lifestyle to be chosen. So when thousands of former homosexuals say they’ve found a way out, you would expect homosexual activists to be happy for them and perhaps follow the same path, right? But that’s not what they do at all.

Instead, they vehemently deny that anyone can leave homosexuality. For them, people like Michael Glatze and thousands of other ex-homosexuals80 cannot exist because they disprove the movement’s self-justifying assertion that desires or behavior can never change or be controlled. For them, Dr. Robert Spitzer, once their darling for getting homosexuality declassified as a mental disorder, must be berated for publishing scientific studies showing that some homosexuals have changed their orientation. Spitzer has been barraged with hate mail from enraged homosexuals simply for reporting the undeniable facts—facts which hurt their political cause.81

Same Sex Marriage Debate - The Contradictions
Why do homosexual activists say that they expect people with other desires—be they sexual or otherwise—to control themselves but put no restriction on their own behavior? Why do they expect those with gay-bashing desires to resist their desires? The double standard is blatant. While we all must restrain ourselves for the sake of civilization, homosexuals are entitled to toss off all restraint and demand from society not just tolerance, but endorsement of their harmful behavior.

Why do they demand endorsement? Because being tolerated does not quell the conscience. Only through society’s full acceptance and approval will homosexuals be validated and their consciences quelled. Since they refuse to achieve approval by adhering to society’s standards, they have no other choice but to change society’s standards. That’s why they are trying to beat society’s marriage standards down to the level of their own behavior. All natural barriers must be annihilated. Only then will homosexuality have a chance of seeming natural and acceptable to a majority of people. Their radical social revolution requires a radical political revolution. Homosexual activists aggressively recruit others who have made the same or similar choices and deny that anyone can go back (despite thousands of disconfirming examples). That’s why they are in bed politically with pedophiles, cross-dressers, and the trans-gendered of the world. Anyone willing to fight for their own brand of sexual perversion is another soldier in their revolutionary army to destroy and remake sexual norms in their image.

Now that they have their army, they are conducting an all-out “in your face” campaign to redefine right and wrong in the minds of mainstream society. The more they suppress the truth and indulge in the behavior, the shriller they become defending it. Forget the effects it will have on marriage and children. Forget the effects it will have on health. Forget the effects it will have on prosperity. Everything must change to accommodate them!

J. Budziszewski exposes their scorched-earth crusade this way: “The shape of human life must be transformed. All of the assumptions of normal sexuality must be dissolved: marriage, family, innocence, purity, childhood—all must be called into question, even if it means pulling down the world around their ears.”82

Remember, such “subversive” action is exactly what homosexual activists like Michelangelo Signorile urge for the movement. He and 96 percent of homosexuals do not want to get “married.” What they want to do is to “transform the notion of ‘family’” and “alter the archaic institution” of natural marriage. They are going to do that by imposing same-sex marriage through the courts so the people don’t have a say.

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Compliments of Correct, not Politically Correct, authored by Frank Turek. For more information, visit

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