Same Sex Marriage Debate

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Protecting Natural Marriage: Our National Immune System
Let me go back to my childhood friend for a minute. It was after high school that he went to New York City and immersed himself so deeply in the homosexual lifestyle that it cost him his life. We buried him at the age of thirty-six, dead from AIDS.

Actually, AIDS did not kill him. As you know, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome technically doesn’t kill anyone. AIDS destroyed his immune system, which made him susceptible to other diseases. Pneumonia and other ailments were the ultimate cause of death. In the end, he became a shell of his former self. On his deathbed, his mind was so tainted by dementia that he cursed his own mother. As I mentioned, his loving and well-meaning parents made a tragic mistake. Love requires that we stand in opposition to sexual behavior that will likely hurt or kill our loved ones. Yet after some initial hesitancy, these well-meaning parents endorsed the homosexual lifestyle that ultimately led to their son’s death. They thought they were being compassionate and loving, but they were really enabling a tragedy.

This tragic story is being played out right now on the national level. The players are different, but the results could be the same if we make the same mistake. Homosexual activists, buoyed by activist state Supreme Court rulings that they initiated, want our nation to endorse same-sex marriage. If they succeed and establish government-backed same-sex marriage or civil unions, our country will be doing exactly what those well-meaning parents did—they will be endorsing a practice that could destroy our immune system. On the national scale, our immune system is natural marriage itself. When our marriages are strong, our country is strong. When they are weak, we all suffer. That’s why we need to oppose same-sex marriage. If we allow our emotional affection for our gay friends and relatives to interfere with sound reasoning, we risk making the same mistake of false compassion that my friend’s parents made—endorsing behavior that will hurt our loved ones and ourselves. But our mistake will not hurt just one person—it will hurt future generations repeatedly.

Protecting Natural Marriage: Our National Immune System
Homosexual activists work hard to suppress the fact that same-sex marriage would be a disaster for future generations. They cannot let truth get in the way of their desire to be “liberated” from the oppressive laws of marriage.

But they might as well talk about being “liberated” from the oppressive laws of physics. Like the laws of physics, the laws of marriage are not arbitrary laws that we can ignore without consequences.

They are part of the immutable design of nature, and we hurt ourselves and others by pretending that they are merely human constructs. Those who attempt to “liberate” themselves from the design of nature usually wind up liberating themselves from good health and even life itself. As we have seen, homosexuals are no exception.

We need to face the facts of our design. When we do, we will realize that homosexual and heterosexual relationships can never be equal, and our laws should not be changed to pretend they are. After all, laws can’t change the facts of nature. A new law can’t magically transfer the natural procreative abilities of men and women, and the benefits of natural marriage, to homosexuals—nor can it erase the serious health problems that result from homosexual behavior. A new law approving same-sex marriage would only serve to deceive people into thinking that same-sex marriage and natural marriage are equally beneficial.

Protecting Natural Marriage: Teaching Future Generations
Such legally-endorsed deception would be a dangerous teacher to new generations. Yet that deception is exactly what homosexual activists are counting on to validate their lifestyle. Government-backed same-sex marriage will teach future generations these false ideas:

  • Homosexual behavior is just as beneficial as heterosexual behavior;
  • Same-sex marriage is just as beneficial as natural marriage;
  • Moms and dads offer nothing uniquely beneficial to the care and development of children (homosexual couples always deny children either their mom or dad);
  • Marriage is no longer about procreation, just coupling. Therefore, if you want to have children, there is really no reason to get married.
These are false and dangerous ideas. Those who promote them stand to hurt themselves and others. Only natural marriage can secure a healthy future for our children and our entire civilization. Therefore, it alone deserves privileged legal support.

Despite what our homosexual loved ones may want, we must not make the same mistake as my friend’s parents. Love requires that we stand firm and not succumb to false compassion. The most loving policy for them and the rest of our country is to legally protect marriage—our national immune system. Outside of impeaching activist judges (which is our best option), a constitutional amendment appears to be the most practical way to ensure that marriage remains solely the union of one man and one woman.

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