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Pornography for Women

Pornography for Women – Unfulfilled Desires
Pornography for women is becoming a serious struggle for women around the globe. Although women are more likely to fall into the pit of an illegitimate sexual or emotional relationship, they are also engaging themselves in the passive activity of pornography. Women can easily get caught in the dangerous porn pit.

How does this happen to women?

In our corrupted world, many women do not have a loving legitimate relationship where the need to be touched is filled in an intimate relationship. Abused and/or mistreated women often become hardened to loving sexual stimulation. Other women may not receive warm a loving tender touch from their spouses, but will not seek pleasure outside of marriage because they have been taught and have accepted that adultery is wrong.

The deep longing and need for secure, gentle, masculine touch is such a deep part of who she is as a woman. No matter how busy any woman may be or how fulfilled she is otherwise; the need for loving touch hangs in the background of her daily life, looking for fulfillment.

Pornography for Women – What Negative Effect does Pornography have on Women?
Light porn catches a woman’s eye, maybe even in a flashing TV scene. This passive activity pulls one into the vicarious enjoyment of watching another receive satisfaction for their desires. The more she looks, the more advanced the pornography needs to be in order to receive the same reaction. Due to the progressive nature of porn addiction, it doesn’t take long for her to be drawn into the pornography trap. The desire for pornography becomes greater than the woman’s power to resist and she becomes entrapped in the vicious cycle. She has fallen into the porn pit -- a dangerous and destructive place to be.

A woman’s self image is damaged as she compares her body with that of porn stars. Eventually women feel the need to prove she is just as beautiful, just as thin, just as sexy. This stimulates unhealthy temptations such as eating disorders and unhealthy relationships to find approval.

Not only do women compare themselves to others, but compare their spouse as well. “My husband doesn’t compare to the bodies I see online, therefore I need other stimulation to get me going.” In her mind, she is suddenly in a romantic and intimate fantasy relationship with a porn star, rather than her own husband.

Pornography addiction often leads to a masturbation addiction and often into a physical sexual affair. This creates a slippery slope into broken marriages, families torn apart, sexually transmitted diseases...the list goes on.

Pornography for Women - Healing for Women Caught in the Porn Pit
As a woman who is struggling with porn, how can you get out of the vicious cycle?

  • Humble yourself to seek help. Do not try to do this alone. We recommend Pure Online and the book Every Women’s Battle by Shannon Ethridge.

  • Recognize that the habit of viewing porn is an attempt to fill a deep feminine need. This need joins together in an illegitimate relationship with pornography. Viewing pornography becomes an idol, filling the place of God in a woman’s life.

  • Admit the problem -- recognize that your desire for pornography has taken control and you are trapped by something that is greater than your power to resist.

  • Create boundaries. Cancel magazine subscriptions, avoid stores or websites where porn is available, create TV and online blocks on pornographic channels, avoid reading romance novels, and run from sexual chat rooms.

  • Believe that you can have deliverance from both the cause and the habit.

  • The very presence of Jesus in your life has the power to change your life. The closer you come to Him, the closer you come to freedom from the addiction, which holds you. Won’t you let Him come in and make you whole?

  • Ask God to search your heart for the weaknesses that have allowed temptation to come in and take control.

  • Starve your addiction. Totally abstaining from pornography is the only way to kill the addiction.

  • Enable forgiveness -- first forgive yourself. Then forgive others who may have been involved in whatever way. Then allow others to forgive you.

  • Make restitution -- Help others receive deliverance from the pit of pornography. Making restitution helps to restore the path of righteousness in your life.

  • Decide each day to live in victory over the addiction, which once held you captive.

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