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What is love all about? What are some pressures that are attacking the true meaning of love and passion?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Love

Christians and Porn
How does pornography affect a man's spiritual life and fellowship with God? Read this story of darkness.

Emotional Infidelity
Am I being unfaithful to my spouse when I dream about another? What can I do to stop this activity in my brain?

Is it wrong to dream of life with someone else and live that fantasy in my mind? Is it harmful for my marriage?

Husband Addicted to Porn
Have you discovered your husband’s secret? How should you react? How do you work through the emotions you are feeling? Learn here.

Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict
Learn helpful tips from a man who was once strongly addicted to pornography. Discover help with sexual addiction.

How is love defined? Why is it important to our daily lives? How does it differ from lust?

Love Addiction
Are you addicted to love and sex? Find out how the dangers and find out how to break free.

Marital Intimacy
Learn more about this emotional and sexual connection between a husband and wife. Discover how to strengthen your bond.

Porn Addiction
Read one man’s journey through addiction and how he found the necessary help to overcome and find victory.

Porn Addiction Help
Do you desire to find help and healing from this vicious cycle of addiction? Find help and healing advice from a man who’s been there.

Pornography for Women
Do you want to get out of the vicious porn cycle? Find out how damaging porn is and how you can find help.

Sexual Addiction Video
Watch this video of Dr. Clarence Shuler, a pastor, as he tells his story of sexual addiction and finding freedom. You need to stream this short video clip of hope!

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